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Oceanus AQM-09 环境空气质量监视器

Modular designed suitable for large scale grid layout;

No need to change the sampling cutter, it can detect the PM10, PM2.5, TSP at the same time;

The circuit adopts industrial embedded processor, suitable for the harsh outdoor environment;

The unique function of automatic heating and dehumidification to avoid humidity influence on measurement data;

Adopts long-life anti-jamming sampling system, quite and efficient; the sampling period is adjusted;

Adopts the industrial transmission module to ensure the stability and reliability of the data transmission;

The system with the two channel communication to ensure the data continuity;

It can show 24 hours real-time data;

Large size LED to display the data. Various installation modes, such as Pole, Tripod, etc.

Particle Module
Monitor method : Continuously, automatically and real-time

Working principle: Light scattering technique

Measurement data: PM2.5, PM10, TSP

Measuring range: 0~1000ug/m3 (Range can be extended)

Response time: ≤60s

Resolution: 1ug/m3

Measurement accuracy / reproducibility: > 100ug/m3, ±20%

Parallelism: < 10%

Sampling flow: 1.3L/min, ±0.15

Sampling time: Adjustable(Default is 5 minutes)

Dehumidification: With the automatic dehumidification function module

Cutter: Cyclone cutter

Fault alarm: Real-time display the fault alarm

Gas Module

Monitor method: Continuously, automatically and real-time

Working principle: Electrochemical sensor, Infrared sensor, PID sensor

Gas Monitoring: SO2, CO, NO2, O3


Measuring range: 0~1000ppb

Resolution: 1ppb

Response time: <45s


Measuring range: 0~200ppm

Resolution: 0.1ppm

Response time: <45s


Measuring range: 0~1000ppb

Resolution: 1ppb

Response time: <45s


Measuring range: 0~1000ppb

Resolution: 1ppb

Response time: <45s

Meteorological Parameters (optional)

Measuring range: -30℃~60℃,
Precision: ±0.3℃ (20℃) 0~45m/s

Measuring range: 0~95%RH,
Precision: ±5%RH

Wind direction (optional):
Measuring range: 0~360°,
Precision: ±5° 0.1m/s

Wind speed (optional):
Measuring range: 0~60m/s,
Precision: ±0.3m/s 0~360°

Barometric pressure (optional):
Measuring range: 600~1110hpa,
Precision: ±0.5hpa

Noise Meter: (optional)

Measuring range: 30~130dB (A)

Sampling frequency: <1s

Dynamic analysis range: ≥100dB (A)

Frequency weighting: A, C,Z

Time weighting: F, S

System Specification:

Data Efficient Transmission Rate: ≥95%

Remote Control: Support for remote setting

Interface: RS485 port, Network port

Transmission Network: Automatically and real-time upload data, optional 4G/ GPRS

Box Material: Q235 spray, Stainless box optional

Scaffold Material: Q235

Scaffold Height: Standard height is 4.5m, Flange connection(1m fixed underground, 2*1.5m+1*0.5m)

Lightning Arrester: Length 1.5~2m, Q235 Galvanized material

Working Environment: 

Temperature: -20~50℃

Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH

Pressure: 65~108Kpa

Protection Grade: IP55

Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz/Solar power (optional)




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