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Lonroy YS3010 紫外光栅分光光度计 (400-700nm)

Optical Geometry: Reflect: di:8°, de:8°(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle)

Integrating Sphere Size: 48mm

Light Source: Combined LED Light         

Sensor: 256 Image Element Double Array CMOS Image Sensor

Wavelength Range: 400-700nm

Wavelength Interval: 10nm

Semiband Width: 10nm

Measured Reflectance Range: 0-200%

Measuring Aperture: Single Aperture: 8mm/10mm

Observer Angle: 2°/10°

Illuminant: D65, A, C, D50

Measuring Time: 2.6s

Repeatability: MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.06

Inter-instrument Error: MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.4

Battery: Li-ion battery. 5000 measurements within 8 hours

Dimension: L*W*H=184*77*105mm

Weight: 600g

Data Port: USB 

Data Storage: Standard 2000 Pcs, Sample 20000 Pcs

Language: English, Chinese


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