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Lonroy DM300R 数字肉类水分计 (10% to 85%)


Digital Meat moisture meter

Moisture content directly affects poultry meat processing, storage, trade and consumption. Meat moisture content is too high, bacteria, fungi breeding intensified, easily lead to meat spoilage; while dehydration shrinkage not only makes the meat weightlessness, causing direct economic losses, but also affect meat color, flavor and texture, and cause fat oxidation. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards of urban and rural people, livestock and poultry meat consumption is growing, people are increasingly demanding high quality meat. But unscrupulous traders to reap huge profits, more and more meat filling, water meat become a serious threat to the health of people in a big nuisance, meat Moisture Tester can quickly and accurately detect water meat.


Measurement object: poultry meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc.)

Moisture measurement range: 10% to 85%

Sampling time: <2s

Measurement error in the range: 70-78% ≤1.0%

Repeatability in the range: 70-78% ≤0.5%

Supply Voltage: 9V (6F22 battery stack 1)

Power consumption: about 45mW

Instrument Dimension: about 180* 50 * 28mm

Display: 3 LCD (with back light)

Operating temperature: -5-60 °C

Operating Humidity: < 90% RH


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