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KEYSIGHT U3818A 物联网精密功率测量和MEMS传感器,带培训工具包和实验表

  • 制造商:KEYSIGHT
    Model: U3818A
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    Price (include VAT)295,830,150 VND
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• University subjects: IoT systems, Embedded systems, IoT device management, IoT sensors technologies, Advanced IoT

• Years of study: Second to final year undergraduates

• Prerequisites(s): Basic programming, Electronic Circuits, Digital Circuits

Recommended instruments/software for lab setup:

- 34465A Digital Multimeter – Digital multimeter with 2M memory, digitizing and auto calibration

- DSOX1204G Oscilloscope - 70/100/200 MHz, 4 Analog Channels, with a built-in Waveform Generator

- N6705C DC Power Analyzer - Modular System Based on DC Power Supply or Electronic Load Outputs

- N6781A 2-Quadrant source - Source/Measure Units (SMUs) Modules

- X8712AD Event detector X8712AS – IoT and analysis software

The teaching slides are editable and cover the following topics:

1. Overview of Internet-of-Things (IoT) System

2. Essentials of Power Circuits

3. Fundamentals of Power Measurement

4. Power Management Techniques

5. Overview of Sensor Technology

6. Sensor Measurement Techniques

7. Sensor in Action

    Case studies 1 - Low Power Sensor Node in Smart Home

    Case studies 2 - Weather Monitoring System

    Case studies 3 - Application of Drones in Smart Agriculture

    Case studies 4 - Efficient Data Aggregation and Processing for Wearable Sensor

Lab sheets

1. Setup the U3810A

2. Advanced Digital Communication Serial, SPI and USB

3. MEMS Sensors for Inertial Measurement and Pressure

4. Characterizing IoT Static and Dynamic Power Consumption

5. Evaluating Dynamic Current Drain and Battery Life

6. Characterizing a Solar Panel and Incorporating Solar Power in an IoT Device 

7. Techniques for Optimizing Sensor Power Consumption and Efficiency

8. Event-based Dynamic Power Measurement

A1. Comparing Two Methods of Altitude Measurements with IoT Sensors

A2. Design a Solar-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor



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