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Desco 42553 Statfree® Z2 塑料绝缘垫 (36" x 72")

Electrical Properties 

Charge Decay: <0.01 sec

Rtt Resistance: 1x10^6 to < 1x10^9 ohms 

Rtg Resistance: 1x10^6 to < 1x10^9 ohms

Physical Properties

Construction: Heat fused vinyl composite

Thickness: 0.125”(3.2mm)

Hardness: 45 Shore “A” 

Tensile Strength: >300 psi 

Tear Strength: >80 lbs/inch

Elongation: >80% 

Abrasion Resistance: >750 cycles

Other Properties

Chemical Resistance: Resistance to degradation by inorganic acids, organic acids, reducing agents, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, aldehydes, and amines


Width: ± 0.250”

Length: ± 0.250” every 1 linear foot of running material.

Thickness: ±10%

Matting materials have a tendency to shrink slightly when first unrolled. In applications where length is critical,allow the material to relax for at least 4 hours before cutting to size. Always trim with a sharp knife or razor blade.


TB-2000- Installation and Maintenance of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protective Worksurfaces

PM-112-Dissipative Vinyl Material 3-Layer, 0.125" (3.2mm)


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