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Bonnin BN-PT860 自动电位滴定仪 (-1999. 0 – 1999.0mV)

Testing model: Macro titration; Micro titration; Micro titration; Volume setting titration; End point titration; stored titration

Analysis: acid-base titration; oxidation-reduction titration; precipitation titration; complexometry; nonaqueous titration

Automatic burette: 2(15mL, 25mL)

Stir: Magnetism stir

Titration cup: 100mL

Electrode port types: mv/pH 1, reference electrode 1, PT1000 electrode 1

Standard electrodes for T860: Temperature compensated electrode,; 232 saturated calomel electrode,; 213Q9 platinum electrode,; 6503 pH combined electrode,; 216Q9 silver electrode,; 217 Double salt bridge saturated calomel,; 231Q9 pH glass electrode.

Communication port: USB, Stir port, power port, printer port.

Learn titration: YES, methods can be edited and stored

Weight net: 10kg

mV/pH potential electrode interface: 

measuring range: -1999. 0 – 1999.0mV; 0.00 – 14.00 pH

resolution: 0.1mV    0.01pH

accuracy: 0.2mV    0.02pH

PT 100 temp. electrode interface: 

Measuring range: 0 – 100℃

resolution: 0.1℃

accuracy: 0.2℃

Burette driver: 

15mL accuracy: ±0.025mL

25mL accuracy: 0.035mL

titration analysis parallelism: 0.002

millivolt accuracy: ≤0.2mV

Control terminal touch Screen: 7inch TFT color touch screen

Power supply: 110 – 240V, 50/60Hz


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