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3ctest EFT 700T EFT/突发模拟器 (AC 380V 16A DC-1 220V 16A)

- EFT Pulse parameters:

Standard: IEC / EN 61000-4-4、GB/T 17626.4

Test voltage range: 1.5kV – 7.0kV ±10%

Polarity: +/-

Source impedance: 50 ohm

Pulse waveform: 5/50ns,50 ohm and 1000 ohm load

Rise time: 

5ns ±30%, 50 ohm load

1000 ohm load

Pulse duration: 

50ns ±30%, 50 ohm load

50ns – 15 / + 100ns, 1000 ohm load

Pulse frequency: 0.1kHz – 100kHz

Burst duration: 0.075 ms – 750 ms , supporting numbers setting

Burst period: 1 ms – 9999ms

Test duration: 1s – 9999s

Trigger mode: Auto, manual or external

Synchronization: 0° - 360°,1° step or random(default collection L1-N phase angle,optional for collection any L-L or L-N)

Direct output method: By high voltage coaxial connector


EFT 700T:

Built-in three-phase coupling/decoupling network

AC 380V 16A  DC-1 220V 16A

- General parameters: 

Display screen: 5.7 inch TFT touch screen

Working power supply range: AC 110V/220V,±10%,50/60Hz ±5% (AC 220V 50Hz for China mainland)

Fuse: 6A

Max. power consumption: 200W

User storage space: Infinity(PC)

Communication mode: Ethernet LAN、RJ45

External control mode: D-sup 25p

External trigger input: BNC,5V TTL

CRO trigger output: BNC,5V TTL

Running control  input: BNC,5V TTL

External synchronization: 

45 – 65Hz, 20-500V between dotted and undotted terminals

0-500V between dotted, undotted terminals and crate

Warning lamp output: 0-220VAC 10A/0-48V  DC 3A depending on the type of external signal lamp

Safety circuit: Test only started when it is closed

Failure detection: Front panel LCD display and interrupt working

EUT voltage monitoring output: BNC,100:1 coaxial terminal output(default L1-N voltage)

Working indicator: Front panel LED and LCD display

Grounding connection: Flat ground wire

EUT power injection: 4mm2 banana plug

Detection output: Standard 1m coaxial cable

Size: 19 inch/6U

Weight : Approx.26Kg

Temperature range: 15–35℃

Humidity range: 45%–75%

Air pressure range: 86kPa–106kPa



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