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Senseca ECO 531 방수 용존 산소 측정기(DO) (0.0..20.0 mg/l)



±1.5 % of measurem. Value ± 0,2 mg/l or

±1.5 % of meas. val. ± 2 % O2 saturation

Temperature: ±0.3 °C

Activation time T95: 10 s at nominal temperature

Additional functions: Stability recognition, automatic adjustment to environmental air

Compensation Temperature : automatically with integrated temperature measurement

Air pressure : Compensation possible with manual input (normally not necessary)

Salinity : with manual entry

Connections: Galvanic sensor (active membrane type), KOH electrolyte 2 m or 4 m cable, permanently connected to the device, with integrated temperature sensor

Dimensions: 108 x 54 x 28 mm (H x W x T) without sensor

Display: 3-line with battery status indicator, Backlight, protected by shatterproof screen, overhead display at the push of a button

Housing material: Break-proof ABS housing

Measuring range: 0.0..20.0 mg/l (or ppm) O2 concentration

min. flow: 30 cm/s (in standing water by stirring or moving the sensor up and down)

Operating conditions: -20.. +50 °C, 0..95 % r.H.

Power supply: 2x AA battery, >3000 h battery life

Protection type: IP65 / IP67

Resolution: 0..200 % O2 saturation

Sensor operating pressure: max. 3 bar (~30 m water depth)

Sensor range of application: 0..60 °C

Weight: approx. 240 g (device incl. sensor)




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