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Palmer Wahl 7AA2.25 All Angle Wide Case Industrial Thermometers (Stem Length: 2.25" (57.2mm))

Case Length: 6-1/2" (165.1 mm)

Case Width: 1-11/32" (34 mm) Case

Case Material: Blue Painted Aluminum

Case Styles: All Angle Adjustable

Crystal: Plastic Crystal and Cover

Scale: Black numerals and graduations on aluminum scale. Engraved scale standard on 12"

Glass Tube: Magnified Lens; compact, yet visible

Fill: Sky Blue Fill

Accuracy: 1% of Full Scale

Fitting: Blue Painted Aluminum Knuckle

Bulb: Aluminum, Straight Shank, 3/8" Diameter

Thermowell:  1/2" NPT Brass Thermowell with 0.531" diameter included

Stem Length: 2.25" (57.2mm)



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