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Palmer Wahl 50B14 Mount Direct Drive Dial Thermometer (Capillary Length: 14 Feet (4267 mm))

Form: Wall Mount, All Angle Case furnished complete with flange and

linkage for positioning case

Case: Polished 316 Stainless Steel Case. 5" Dial (127 mm)

Fill: Liquid Actuated: < 500°F; Mercury Actuated: > 500°F

Dial Face: Black Graduations and Numerals on White Background

Bezel/Lens: Stainless Steel Bezel Ring and Glass Cover

Capillary: 1/4" Diameter Stainless Steel Flexible Armor, 5 feet; 3/16" Diameter Stainless Steel Bendable Stiff Armor, 5 feet

Bulb: Liquid Actuated Dials use 81 Series Bulbs; Mercury Actuated Dials use 51 Series Bulbs.

Accuracy: ± One Scale Division

Dial Size and Style: 5" Direct Drive Remote Reading Dial, Wall Mount

Capillary Length: 14 Feet (4267 mm)



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