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Palmer Wahl 3P5 Temperature Recorder (8 inch; Portable)

Chart Recorder Type: Pressure & Temperature System

Chart Recorder Size: 8 inch Pelican Case 

Chart Recorder Mounting Style: Portable

Arc Line: 6-3/8 inch

Case: Pelican® brand case

Available Case Colors: Black (Standard), Orange, Yellow

Maximum Number of Total Systems: 3

Pressure Process Connection: Standard: 1/4 inch NPT for pressure ranges at or below 10,000 PSI., Optional: 1/2 inch NPT

Number of Temperature Systems: 1, 2

Mercury Filled °C Temperature Ranges:

0° to 60°C

0° to 100°C

0° to 120°C

0° to 150°C

0° to 200°C

0° to 250°C

0° to 300°C

0° to 350°C

0° to 400° C

Pen Colors: Standard: Red, Blue, Green. Optional: Black

Pressure Accuracy: ± 1/2 chart graduation for pressure measurement

Dimensions: 16.44 in. x 13.00 in. x 6.82 in. (41.8 x 33 x 17.3 cm). Does not include feet or pedestal.




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