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JCW IPEX Connector Crimping Machine (0.81mm/ 1.13mm/ 1.32mm/ 1.37mm/ 1.78mm)

Function: Coaxial cable, female IPEX connector

Cable O.D.: 0.81mm / 1.13mm / 1.32mm / 1.37mm / 1.78mm

Product rate: ≈1600 pcs

Terminal feeding: Motor control

Noise level: <70db (A)

Power supply: AC 110-220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz

Air supply: 0.5 - 0.7 MPa

Dimensions: L 480 x W 600 x H 210 mm

Weight: 10 KG


• Professionally designed for coaxial wire crimping and riveting

• Particular terminals on reel, 0.81mm/1.13mm/1.32mm/1.37mm/ 1.78mm cable

• Cutting, crimping, forming, and waste cutting at one time

• Different terminal crimping modules are interchangeable

• Crimping tool life over 500,000 times


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