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JCW JCW-CS06 High-speed Comprehensive Wire Cable Cut and Strip Machine (0.1-16 mm², 0.1-999999 mm)

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    Model: JCW-CS06
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Function: Single wire, Multicore cable, Wire measuring, Cut length, Full stripping, Partial stripping, Mid-stripping, Cut depth, Wire run-out sensor, Length correction

Conductor cross-sections: 0.1-16 mm², 10 mm diameter

Cutting length (L): 0.1-999999 mm

Stripping length: Front (right) side: 150 mm [partial stripping], Rear (left) side: 70 mm [partial stripping]

Production rate: Single Wire: 2500 pcs/h by 100mm wire length, Multi-layer stripping: 1600 pcs/h by 100mm wire length

Twin flat cable: Slit and strip, by changing straightener, guide, and blade (optional)

Flat multicore cable: Outer jacket and inner conductor stripping

Round multicore cable: Outer jacket stripping

Power supply: AC 110V-220V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

Air supply: 0.4-0.7 MPa (clean and dry air)

Dimensions: L 560 x W 470 x H 370 mm

Weight: 45KG




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