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Biuged BGD 8323 UV Solidify Machine (300mm; 7.2KW, 380VAC/50HZ)

Power supply: 380VAC/50HZ

Total power: 7.2KW

UV lamp Power: 3KW

Number of Lamp: 2 pcs

Speed range: 0-10 m/min

Belt Material: Stainless steel or TEFLON

Cooling System: Air Cooling

Main Wavelength: 365 nm

Lamp Life: 600 hours , over 75% intensity

UV lamp type/Unit power: High-pressure mercury lamp;100w/m

Entrance Height: 0~100mm

Belt Width: 300mm

Overall Size(L×W×H, cm: 180×60×132

Net Weight,KG: 250



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