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Biuged BGD 234/1 자동 표면 장력 측정기 (0-1000 mN/m, 0.1 mN/m)

Measurement Range(mN/m): 0-1000

Resolution(mN/m): 0.1

Accuracy(mN/m): 0.1

Repeatability(mN/m): 0.1

Balance Precision(g): 0.001

Testing Methods: Design platinum plate and platinum ring, can choose anyone or both

Operation Methods: Touch operation, sample plate lift automatically,   convert automatically

Showing Method: 5 inch coloured touch screen

Weighing System: Electromagnetic balance

Automatic Calibration: Yes

Data Processing Software: Optional

Mini-printer Interface: Optional

Testing Time: In 10 seconds for platinum plate, 50 seconds for platinum ring



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