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Biuged BGD 157/TS2 Programmable Touch-screen Viscometer with Temperature Control (25-10M mPa.s, 0.1-200 R.P.M)

 Measurement Range (mPa.s):  25-10M

R.P.M (per min): 0.1-200

Functions: Measure viscosity, shear rate, shear stress

Software (Optional):   BGD 1608 Data collection and graphing software

Temp. Control Method: Rise temperature by programme

Rotor Amount: Standard: SC4-21#、27#、28#、29#

(SC4-14、15、16、18、25、31、34 is optional)

Sample: 2-16ml

Measurement Accuracy: ±1.0% (of the full range)

Repeatability: ±0.5% (of the full range)

Temperature Range: -1℃~150℃(precision ± 0.1℃)

Power: Input: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz;Output: DC17V 1.2A



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