Zhongzhi CZ-A-800A 温湿度试验箱 (25℃ ~ 100℃, 20% ~ 98% R.H)

Internal Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 1000x1000x800

External Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 1200x2100x1500

Temperature Range: 25℃ ~ 100℃

Humidity Range: 20%~98%R.H.(10%-98%R.H/5%~98%R.H is a special optional condition)

Analytic Accuracy/Evenness degree of Temperature and Humidity: ±0.01℃; ±0.1%R.H./1.0℃; ±3.0%R.H.

Control Accuracy/Temperature stability of Temperature and Humidity: ±0℃; ±2.0%R.H./±0.5°C; ±2.0%R.H.

Heating/Cooling Rate: Approximately 3.0℃/minute; approximately 1.0℃/minute ("2~10℃ decrease per minute" is a special optional condition)

Inner and Outer Materials: Outer material is cold-rolled with paint treatment, inner material is SUS#304 stainless steel

Insulation Material: High temperature resistant high density polyurethane rigid foam insulation materials.

Cooling System: Air cooling / single segment compressor (-20℃), air water cooling/double segment compressor

Protection Devices: Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch for compressor, high and low voltage coolant protection switch, over-humidity and over-temperature protection switch, fuses, failure warning system

Parts: Recorder (optional), watching window, 50mm testing hole, PL internal bulbs, partition plate, dry and wet ball gauze

Controller: South Korea"TEMI"

Compressor: France's "Tecumseh" Brand

Power: 1Փ 220VAC ±10% 50/60HZ & 3Փ 380VAC±10% 50/60Hz

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