Zhongzhi CZ-8003 Micro-Computer Tensile Testing Machine

Capacity (Optional): 50N,100N,250N,500N,1,2.5,5kN

Unit (switchable): N,kN,kgf,Lbf

Load Resolution: 1/25.000

Accuracy Grade of Machine: 1 Level

Max Stroke (Exclude the Grips): 1000mm

Effective Width: No Limit

Test speed: 1-500 mm/min, others (Customized)

Speed ​​accuracy ± 1%

Displacement Resolution: Stroke: 0.00125 mm/Extensometer: 0.025 mm

Motor: AC frequency control motor

Transmission Rod: High accuracy of ball screw

Displayer: Can display, print force value (strength), deformation (elongation); automatically stop when sample breaks down, overload protection function.

Main Unit Dimension (WxDxH): 500x400x1860mm

Power: AC220/50HZ 5A or specified by user

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