ZEISS Stemi508 Greenough 立体显微镜

Operation concept: Stereo microscope, Greenough design

Zoom bodies: 

Stemi 508 (binocular, incl. eyepieces 10×/23 Br. foc)

Stemi 508 doc (phototube, 100%, right path, incl. eyepieces 10×/23 Br. foc, interchangeable camera adapter 0.5x)

Magnification range: 

6.3× to 50x with basic version (10× eyepieces, no front optics)

all magnifications from 2× to 250× (when using interchangeable optics)

Maximum resolution: 225 Lp/mm basic version; up to 450 Lp/mm with interchangeable optics

Working distance: 92 mm basic version; up to 287 mm using interchangeable optics

Maximum object field: 36 mm basic version; up to 122 mm using interchangeable

Interface to Stemi mount: 76 mm (international)

Interchangeable eyepieces: PL10×/23 Br. foc (always included), PL16x/16 Br.foc, W25×/10 foc

Stemi carriers for column 32 mm: Stemi mount with drive, stemi mount tiltable 0-90°






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