ZEISS Sigma 500 电子显微镜

Electron Source: Schottky Thermal Field Emitter Schottky Thermal Field Emitter

Resolution* at 30 kV (STEM): 0.8 nm  

Resolution* at 15 kV: 0.7 nm  

Resolution* at 1 kV: 1.2 nm  

Resolution at 500 V: 1.5 nm  

Resolution* at 30 kV: (VP Mode) 1.5 nm 

Accelerating Voltage: 0.02 – 30 kV 

Magnification: 12× – 1,000,000×  

Field of View:   4.6 mm  

Probe Current 3 pA - 20 nA (100 nA optional) 

Image Framestore: 32 k × 24 k pixels  

Type of Diode: Silicon based diode for direct detection of backscattered electrons, one segment

Image Polarity: Configurable. Default: “TEM” like contrast

Optimum Working Distance: 4 – 6 mm

Energy Range: < = 7 keV

Optimum Primary Beam Current: 50 pA – 1nA

Mechanical Module: Highly stable mechanical module with acoustic dampening cover

Easy Servicability: Diode exchange is plug & play


Protective cover to avoid charging and damage to the diode.

Integrated protection during plasma cleaning of sample/chamber.

Lifetime: Expected lifespan of detector diode: 2 years under average usage conditions

System Integration:

Collision control with ZEISS hardware implemented.

Acceleration voltage limited to <7 kV.

EO table correction is applied.

User Interface: Default settings optimized for ease of use.

Insertion and Retraction: Pneumatic




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