WMT CNC TPX6113 铣镗床 (15kw)

Boring spindle diameter: 130mm

The spindle taper hole: ISO7:24No50

Maximum spindle torque: 3136N.m

Maximum torque of flat disk: 4900N.m

Maximum axial resistance of spindle: 31360N

Maximum travel of spindle: 900mm

Spindle speed range: 4-800r/min

Slider travel of flat rotary disk: 250mm

Working area of table: 1800×1600mm

The table can bear the maximum weight: 10000kg

Distance from the center line of the spindle to the working table: 0~1800mm

Longitudinal bench stroke: 2000mm

Transverse bench stroke: 2000mm

Rapid feed speed of spindle, headstock and worktable in vertical and horizontal direction: 2500mm/min

Feed range of spindle, spindle box, table per Spindle: 0.05-8/0.01-2

Main motor power: 15kw

Machine tool dimension(LxWxH): 7030×4665×3800

Machine weight: 29300kg

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