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Why is an electronic thermometer a good choice for measuring refrigerator temperature?

Normally, the refrigerator's temperature is usually preset to the default value specified by the manufacturer. However, this temperature can be adjusted to suit specific uses.

Normally, the temperature of the refrigerator is usually set to the default value specified by the manufacturer. However, this temperature can be adjusted to suit a particular use. So what temperature is ideal for a refrigerator? And how to measure the refrigerator temperature with an electronic thermometer? EMIN will find out with you in today's article.

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Determine the ideal temperature for home refrigerators

Current refrigerators, freezers and freezers all have the ability to adjust the cooling temperature. They are set to a temperature range of 1 to 9°C, and each bar on the device represents an increase or decrease in temperature. The first line usually represents the warmest, while the last line only represents the coldest.

When set to the lowest level, the temperature in the cabinet will be higher, conversely, when choosing the highest step, the temperature will be lower. However, it is not necessary that the highest level is the best choice. More importantly, you just need to choose the cooling level that best suits your needs.

What is the best temperature for the freezer compartment of the refrigerator?

The freezer compartment in the refrigerator plays an important role in preserving frozen foods and producing ice. To ensure the best degree of freezing, the temperature in the freezer compartment needs to be maintained below 0°C.

Normally, the temperature in the freezer is set to -18°C to prevent bacterial growth and help food last longer.

Store food in the refrigerator: The optimal temperature for the refrigerator

Often we have the notion that the colder, the better the temperature in the cooler. However, the reality is not necessarily so. For the cooler, simply setting the temperature at 0°C is enough to effectively preserve food. With this temperature, you can store foods such as soft drinks, confectionery, cosmetics and food for later meals.

Set the refrigerator temperature to ensure fresh food stays fresh

To avoid freezing or spoiling fresh food, consider the temperature in the refrigerator. Too low a temperature not only freezes food, but also wastes electricity. However, if the temperature is too high, there is not enough cold air to preserve the food, which can lead to spoilage and poisoning.

Therefore, the best temperature for storing fresh food in the refrigerator is between 0 and 4°C. With this temperature, food will be kept the same quality, nutritional integrity and always fresh.

How to measure refrigerator temperature accurately and easily

To measure and determine the temperature accurately and quickly in the refrigerator, you can try the following methods:

Using an electronic thermometer UNI-T A61 electronic thermometer: This method allows you to measure the refrigerator temperature accurately and quickly. Simply place the thermometer in the refrigerator and wait a few seconds for the thermometer to display the temperature value. The UNI-T A61 Digital Thermometer is an accurate and handy digital thermometer. To measure the temperature of the refrigerator, simply place the thermometer in the refrigerator and read the temperature value displayed on the screen. Detailed installation and use instructions can be found in the included manual or on the manufacturer's website.

Here are some types of electronic thermometers you can refer to:

-Electronic thermometer SATO SK-250WPII-N

-Electronic thermometer Thermoprobe TL1-A

Details can be found here!

Things to keep in mind when adjusting the refrigerator temperature:

After knowing the good temperatures for the refrigerator, there are a few things to keep in mind when adjusting the temperature:

-Seasonal adjustment: During the cold season, the temperature can be reduced to level 3 and increased to level 4 in hot weather. In addition, depending on the amount of food in the refrigerator, adjust accordingly.

- Regularly clean the refrigerator, check the door seal and see if cold air is released.

- Avoid opening the door for too long so as not to lose the cold air.

-Do not unplug the power plug continuously when the refrigerator is not in use.


Maintaining the right temperature in the refrigerator plays an important role in preserving foods for a long time, ensuring their nutritional value is preserved when using them during processing. Through this article, EMIN hopes you have a clearer view of the ideal temperature in the refrigerator. At the same time, you also learned how to measure the refrigerator temperature in a simple and accurate way as introduced above. If you need to answer any questions, please contact the website: EMIN.VN for necessary information!

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