Stone capacity: 1 ton/day and night;

Dimensions: 1.25x1.0x2.7m;

Weight approx: 600kg;


Stainless steel mortar;

304 stainless steel stone pipe;

Gas tank;

Stainless steel gas pipeline; Station R22;

Condensation system

Oil separation system Oil separator mesh; Oil separator float; Oil separator stop valve; Oil separator housing; Air separator tank Stainless steel stone cutting system Stainless steel ice trough; Cutting motor; Dual gears; 304 stainless steel blade set; Water reservoir on stainless steel; Stainless steel bottom water reservoir; Ice machine frame; Refrigeration oil; Teco cooling water pump; Pumping water on the ice machine; PVC water pipeline system; Protection relays; Pressure gauges; Vibration reduction tube; Stainless steel liquid separator

Automatic electrical system

Voltmeter; Ammeter; Aptomat; Start from; Fuse; Emergency switch; Time relay; Electrical enclosure; Rotating; Wire; Thermal relay; Other components; Stainless Steel Welding Rod; Copper soldering iron; Stainless steel welding wire

Cooling tower system

Radiator tower motor; Cooling plate; Radiator tower shell

thermal composite; Nozzle tube; Radiator tower fan blades; Transporting cranes and equipment; Operation and Troubleshooting Manual

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