UNI-T UT5320R+ AC/DC/IR 可编程绝缘耐压测试仪 (10mA, 5KV AC, 6KVDC)

- Withstand voltage

Output voltage (AC ): Voltage range: 0.050kV—5.000kV

                     Voltage waveform: Sine wave

                     Distortion degree: < 3%

                     Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz

                     Frequency accuracy:±1%

                     Output power: 50VA(5.000kV 10mA)

                     Voltage regulation: ±(1.0%+50V) (Rated power) 

Output voltage (DC ): Voltage range: 0.050 kV—6.000kV

                     Signal source: 600Hz

                     Output power: 60VA(6.000kV 10mA)

                     Voltage regulation: ±(1.0% +100V) (Rated power)

Voltage resolution: 1V

Voltage output accuracy: ±(1.0%Set value+5V) (No load)

Voltage test accuracy: ±(1.0%Reading+5V)

Maximum output current: 10mA

Maximum output power: 25VA(2500V/10mA)

Output instantaneous short-circuit current: >20mA(Set output voltage>500V)

Load regulation: ≤1%(Rated power)

Ripple(1kV): ≤3% (1kV, No load)

Discharge function: Automatic discharge after test

Resistance measurement range: 0.1MΩ– 10GΩ

Resistance display range (1000V): 10mA 0.1 MΩ-0.5MΩ

                                  2mA 0.5 MΩ-5 MΩ

                                  200uA 5MΩ-50MΩ

                                  20uA 50 MΩ-500MΩ

                                  2uA 500MΩ-10GΩ

Accuracy of resistance measurement: ≥500V

                                    1MΩ- 1GΩ: ±(5%Reading+5digits),

                                    1GΩ-10GΩ : ±(10%Reading+5digits);


                                    0.1MΩ– 1GΩ: ±(10%Reading+5digits)

                                    1GΩ– 10GΩ For reference only, no accuracy requirements

Current measurement accuracy: ±(1.5%reading+5digits) (after clearing)

- ARC Detector

Measuring range: AC: Off, level 1 ~ 9

                 DC: Off, level 1 ~ 9

- Comparator

Discrimination mode: Window comparison mode

                     Current lower limit ON: pass when I lower limit < Ix < I upper limit;

                     When Ix ≤ I lower limit or Ix ≥ I upper limit, fail. (I lower limit < I upper limit)

                     Current lower limit OFF: when Ix < I upper limit, pass; When Ix ≥ I upper limit, fail.

                     The discrimination method of insulation resistance is the same as above

Current upper limit setting: AC: 0.001mA – 10mA

                             DC: 0.1uA – 5mA

Current lower limit setting (LOWER OFF): AC: 0.001mA – 10mA

                                         DC: 0.1uA –5mA

Resistance upper limit setting: OFF, 0.1MΩ - 10GΩ

Resistance lower limit setting: 0.1MΩ– 10GΩ

Discriminant output: PASS/FAIL LCD and LED display respectively and sound alarm

Interface & protocol: USB host、 HANDLER、 RS232C, Optional RS485, SCPI protocol

Upper computer software: Yes

Power: AC 110V/220V±10% 50~60Hz

Display mode: 4.3 inch LCD screen

Product size(W×H×D): 295mm×117.6mm×465mm

Product net weight: 8.3kg

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