TTI TG330 函数发生器 (3MHz)


Frequency Range: 0.03Hz to 3MHz in 7 overlapping decade

ranges with fine adjustment by a vernier.

Vernier Range: 1000:1 on each range.


Specifications apply for the top decade of each frequency range and maximum output

into 50 termination.


Distortion: <0.5% on 300, 3k and 30k ranges; <1% on

3, 30 and 300k ranges; all harmonics >25dB

below fundamental on 3M range.

Amplitude Flatness: ±0.2dB to 200kHz; ±2dB to 3MHz.


Linearity: Better than 99% to 200kHz


Rise/Fall Times: <100ns

Mark - Space Ratio: 1:1 ± 1% to 100kHz


Range: ±10V unterminated


Symmetry Range: Variable typically 1:9 to 9:1 (on top decade of

each range), frequency divided by 10.

METER FUNCTIONS (generator mode)

Frequency: Auto-ranging reciprocal measurement giving

4 digit resolution for frequencies down to

1Hz; maximum resolution is 0.001Hz.

Accuracy ±1 digit for 0.2Hz to 3MHz.

Below 0.2Hz accuracy is ±1% of range full

scale (symmetry off).

Amplitude: Display shows peak-to-peak amplitude or rms

value. Display corrected for attenuator setting.

3-digit resolution, accuracy typically 5%

of range. Clipping indicator on display.

DC Offset: 3-digit resolution; accuracy typically ±2% of

setting ±1 digit. Display corrected for attenuator

setting. Clipping indicator on display.


MAIN - 50 Ohm

Amplitide 2mV to 20V peak-peak open circuit (1mV to

10V peak-peak into 50) in four switchselectable

ranges with 20dB vernier control

within each range

Attenuator Ranges: 0dB, -20dB, -40dB, -60dB

DC Offset Range: ±10V from 50. DC offset plus signal peak

limited to ±10V (±5V into 50). DC offset

plus waveform attenuated proportionally by

the attenuator.

MAIN - 600 Ohm Alternative output socket offering the same

facilities as the 50 socket.

AUX OUT 0 to 5V TTL/CMOS logic levels capable of

driving 2 standard TTL loads. Frequency,

symmetry and phase as main outputs

SWEEP OUT 3V ramp from 600 (TG330 only)



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