TTI QPX750SP 工作台/系统直流电源 (80V/50A; 750W)


Voltage Range: Range 1 - 0V to 50V 

               Range 2 - 0V to 80V

Current Range: 10mA to 50A

Power Range: Up to 750W


Operating Mode: Constant voltage, constant current or constant power with automatic cross-over dependent on output setting parameters CV, CC or CP mode indication in display

Voltage Setting: Resolution- 1mV for 50V range, (2mV for 80V range)

Current Setting: Resolution 10mA

Setting Accuracy: Voltage- 0.1% ± 2mV on 50V range, (0.1% ± 4mV on 80V range)

                  Current - 0.3% ± 20mA


Load regulation: <0.01% +5mV (CV mode) for any load change within the PowerFlex envelope,using remote sense.

Line regulation: <0.01% +5mV for a 10% line voltage change.

Ripple & Noise: (20MHz bandwidth): Typically <3mV rms, <20mV pk-pk.

Transient Response: To within 100mV of set level for a 5% to 95% load change.

                    Rear Terminals: <2ms

                    Front Terminals: <2.5ms

Sensing: Selectable local or remote sensing.

Output Protection: Output will withstand forward voltages of up to 90V

                   Reverse protection by diode clamp

Over Voltage protection (OVP): Settable 2V to 90V in 0.1V steps

Over Current protection (OCP): Settable 2A to 55A in 0.1A steps


Display Type: 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) backlit TFT LCD, 480x272 pixels total, 16 colours, resistive touch screen.

Meter Function: 5 digit voltage meter and 4 digit current meter. Display of limits values,memory contents etc. Wide range of alpha-numeric messages/menus.

Limits Display: Limits settings can be displayed simultaneously with measurements.

Meter Resolution: Voltage- 1mV (2mV on 80V range). Current- 10mA.

Meter Accuracy: Voltage: 0.1% of reading ± 2 digits. 

                          Current: 0.3% of reading ± 2 digits.


AC Input: 110V to 240V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz. Installation Category II.

Input Power: 1000VA Max.

Temperature: Operating: +5ºC to +40ºC, 20% to 80% RH, Storage: -40ºC to + 70ºC.

Safety: Complies with EN61010-1.

EMC: Complies with EN61326.

Size: 215 x 130 x 460mm (WxHxD) (3U High) Including terminals

Weight: <6.4kg (14lb)



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