TSI DustTrak II 8532 气溶胶监测仪

Dust concentration meter DustTrak handheld. Avoid exposing workers to dangerous solid or liquid particles, and precise and consistent air measurement is essential. DustTrak machine uses reliable assessment of danger according to PM1, PM2.5, respiratory dust, PM10.
Handheld, battery-operated, laser technology, real-time reading, automatic storage function. Suitable for office measurements or hazardous workplaces. It detects air polluting hazards such as dust, smoke, steam and (mist).
The machine is easy to use, can be quickly checked at one point or pre-programmed to record long-term sampling data. Programmable start / stop time, sampling frequency and other parameters.
The instrument provides real-time measurement results, based on the 90 light scattering principle. Inject gas sample through the optical chamber for measurement. The wind system isolates from dust in the measurement chamber to keep the optical system clean, increase longevity and require less maintenance.
Display measurements on Graphic VGA 3.5inch Touch-screen
Probe type: 90 light scattering
Particle size: 0.1 ... about 10m
Range: 0.001 ... 150mg / m3
Readability: ± 0.1% of reading or 0.001mg / m3
Zero stability: ± 0.002mg / m3 over 24 hours
Air flow: 1.4 ... 3l / min, 3l / min preset
Flow accuracy: ± 5% at preset point
Temperature coefficient: + 0.001mg / m3 / C
The constant t. time: 1 ... 60 seconds
Operating environment: 0 ... 50C, 0 ... 95% RH
Data storage: 60000 measuring points (approx. 45 days for one minute of one-time storage) with 5MB of internal memory
Time storage: 1 second setting ... 1 hour
Dimensions (mm): 125 x 121 x 316 (main unit)
Weight: 1.5kg with battery (main unit)
Communication port: USB
Alarm: by sound
Power supply: 3600 mAH rechargeable Li-on battery
Provide cover :
-Main machine
-Rechargeable batteries
Power cable
-TrakPro software CD
-Filter zero
-USB cable
-Inlet cap (x2)
-10mm Nylon Dorr-Oliver Cylon
Filters are available in PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10 sizes
-HEPA filter
- Tools to remove filter tubes
-Good screwdriver
-User manual

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