Transcom T5113A 矢量网络分析仪(300kHz - 1.3GHz)

T5113A Network Analyzer is designed for use in the process of development, adjustment and testing of various electronic devices in industrial and laboratory facilities, including operation as a component of an automated measurement system.

  • Large frequency range: 300kHz to 1.3GHz
  • Large dynamic range: >125dB (IFBW=10Hz), 130dB typ.
  • Low noise level: <-120dbm ifbw="10Hz)</li">
  • Low trace noise: 1mdB rms (IFBW=3kHz)
  • High measurement speed: 125μs/point (IFBW=30kHz)
  • High effective directivity: >45dB
  • Remote Control: LAN/GPIB/USB
  • Very low power consumption
  • “One-key-test” solution



Measurement Range

Product Name


50Ω or 75Ω

Test port connector

N-type, female

Number of test ports


Frequency range

300kHz to 1.3GHz

Full CW frequency accuracy


Frequency resolution


Number of measurement points

2 to 10001

Measurement bandwidths

1Hz to 30kHz (with 1/3 step)

Dynamic range (IF bandwidth 10 Hz)

125dB, typ.130dB

Measurement Speed

Measurement time per point


Typical cycle time versus number of measurement points

Number of points

IFBW 30kHz





One-path two-port calibration

Start 300 kHz, stop 1.3 GHz









1- 5301N50 High Precision, DC to 3GHz, 50Ω, N-type Calibration Kit Set

5301N50-30101 High Precision, SOL(N-f), 50Ω, DC to 3GHz

5301N50-30102 High Precision, SOL(N-m), 50Ω, DC to 3GHz

5301N50-30103 High Precision, THROUGH N(f) - N(f), 50Ω, DC to 3GHz

5301N50-30104 High Precision, THROUGH N(m) - N(m), 50Ω, DC to 3GHz

2- 5901N50 High Precision, DC to 9GHz, 50Ω, N-type Calibration Kit Set

5901N50-90001 High Precision, SHORT N(f), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

5901N50-90003 High Precision, OPEN N(f), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

5901N50-90005 High Precision, LOAD N(f), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

3- 5901N50-90007 High Precision, THROUGH N(f) - N(f), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

5901N50-90002 High Precision, SHORT N(m), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

5901N50-90004 High Precision, OPEN N(m), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

5901N50-90006 High Precision, LOAD N(m), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

5901N50-90008 High Precision, THROUGH N(m) - N(m), 50Ω, DC - 9GHz

4- 5902S50 High Precision, DC to 9GHz, 50Ω, SMA Calibration Kit 5,050

5902S50-90201 High Precision, SOL(SMA-f), 50Ω, DC to 9GHz

5902S50-90202 High Precision, SOL(SMA-m), 50Ω, DC to 9GHz

5902S50-90203 High Precision, THROUGH SMA(f) - SMA(f), 50Ω, DC to 9GHz

5902S50-90204 High Precision, THROUGH SMA(m) - SMA(m), 50Ω, DC to 9GHz

5- T5_RFCAB-NmNm_18101 Test Cable - DC to 18GHz, 50Ω, N(m)-N(m) , 1m

6- T5_RFCAB-NmSMAm_18102 Test Cable - DC to 18GHz, 50Ω, N(m)-SMA(m), 1m

7- T5_RFCAB-NmNm_60101 Test Cable - DC to 6GHz, 50Ω, N(m)-N(m), VSWR<1.1, IL<1.2db span="">

8- T5_RFCAB-NmSMAm_60102 Test Cable - DC to 6GHz, 50Ω, N(m)-SMA(m), VSWR<1.1, IL<1.2db span="">

9- VNA_ATE Automated test software for VNA

10- T5_RM VNA rack mount kit

11- T5_FH VNA front handle kit


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