Sonel WME-6 电气安装表(MPI-502,MIC-2510,CMP-400)

The sets enable the performance of measurements in accordance with the HD 60364-6 standard:
  • measurement of short-circuit loop parameters,
  • testing of A and AC type residual current circuit breakers,
  • measurement of continuity of protective connections,
  • measurement of insulation resistance at voltage of 2,5kV,
  • measurement of voltage and frequency.

Wireless transmission of measurement results from the MPI-502 and MIC-2510 meters memory to a computer with the included OR-1 adapter.
The set, including all the accessories, is stored in a convenient and durable aluminum case.



  • Short circuit loop parameters measurements:
    - measurements of short circuit loop impedance in networks with rated voltage: 220/380V, 230V/400V, 240/415V and frequency 45...65Hz,
    - measurements of short circuit loop impedance with current 15mA without tripping the circuit breaker.
  • Testing the RCD breakers of AC, A types:
    - testing of prompt, short-delay (general) and selective RCDs for the rated current values 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA,
    - IA measurement
    - RE and UB measurement without tripping the circuit breaker,
    - extended RCD test function AUTO, with measurement of ZL-PE with current 15mA - measurement of IA and tA during one RCD tripping.
  • Detection of the replacement L and N in the socket and automatic conversion in the meter.
  • Low voltage resistance measurements of protective circuits and junctions:
    - measurement of resistance with ±200 mA current
    - calibration of test leads - possibility of using any length of test leads,
    - low current resistance measurement with accoustic signalling
  • Rapid check for the correct connection of PE wire using touch electrode.
  • Measurement of mains voltage and frequency.
  • Power supply from LR6 batteries or NiMH accumulators (option).
  • The device meets the requirements of IEC 61557 standard.



  • Insulation resistance measurement:
    - selectable measurement voltage 100, 250, 500, 1000 V or any in the range of 502500 V at 10 V resolution,
    - continuous indication of measured insulation resistance or leakage current,
    - automatic discharge of measured object capacitive voltage after the completion of insulation resistance measurement,
    - acoustic signaling of 5 seconds intervals to facilitate capturing time characteristics,
    - metered T1, T2 and T3 test times from the range of 1...600s for measuring one or two absorption coefficients (DAR, PI or Ab1, Ab2),
    - capability of automatic measurement of multi-wire cables with the additional AutoISO-2500 adapter,
    - indication of actual test voltage during measurement,
    - protection against measuring live objects.
  • Continuity measurement of protective connections and equipotential bonding in accordance with PN-EN 61557-4 with current > 200 mA.
  • Circuit continuity and resistance measurement at low voltage.
    - circuit resistance measurement ( < 999 ) with current < 15 mA,
    - quick acoustic signaling for a circuit of resistance lower than 10,
    - compensation (automatic zero) of test lead resistance.
  • Measurement of leakage current during insulation resistance testing.
  • Measurement of capacity during the measurement of RISO.
  • Continuous measurement of surrounding temperature with the capability of recording results in memory.
  • DC and AC voltage measurement in the range of 0600 V.
  • 990 cells of memory (11880 records) with the capability of wireless data transmission to a PC (with the USB-OR-1 adapter) or through a USB cable.
  • Power supply from battery packs.


  • DC current measurement (CMP-401 only) and AC current. 
    AC/DC voltage measurement up to 600V.
  • Resistance measurement and continuity test: 
    - continuity test with acoustic signalling (beeper) for resistance below 50.
  • Temperature measurement (Fahrenheit and Celsius units).
  • Frequency measurement.
  • Capacitance measurement (CMP-401 only).
  • Diode test.
  • Additionally:
    - safe, insulated measuring clamps,
    - double molded housing,
    - autoranging/manual range selection,
    - DATA HOLD function, for holding measured values,
    - backlit LCD,
    - REL function,
    - over range indication,
    - AUTO-OFF function.

Download:   Data Sheets

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