LKZ-700 线缆测试仪

LKZ-700 (package: transmiter + receiver) -> index: WMGBLKZ700
LKO-700 reciver -> index: WMGBLKO700
LKN-700 transmitter -> index: WMGBLKN700

Wire tracer LKZ-700 is designed for detecting of cables and conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood, ground) being under voltege, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network, as well as in non-voltage environments. The range of instrument application is very wide and the most common applications are as follows:

  • detection of conductors in ceilings, walls and floors,
  • location of breaks in cables,
  • location of switches and fuses,
  • location of the routes of shorted circuits,
  • llocation of earth cables failure in installation
  • possibility to detect illegal power consumption,
  • tracing of underground cables course, to the depth of 2 m,
  • tracing of conducting pipes in water or CO installations,
  • identification of cables in installation.


Detection of wires and cables (live or not):
- detecting of cables in ceilings, walls and floors,
- detecting of breaks in cables,
- tracing of the entire building installation,
- locating power points and switches in buildings,
- locating short circuits between leads,
- tracing shielded cables,
- tracing cables in metal ducts.

  • Identification of fuses on the distribution board.
  • Tracing underground cables.
  • Tracing conductive water and heating pipelines.
  • Non-contact detection of live cables.
  • Features:
    - signaling of transmitter and receiver opeartion by LED and sound,
    - operation in wide range of rated voltage, up to 500V RMS,
    - three modes of transmitter amplification,
    - automatic or manual selection of transmitter operation modes,
    - adjustment of receiver sensitivity level (ZOOM function),
    - four modes of wire tracer operation - voltage, current, current-voltage and "power",
    - transmitters battery charging - high efficiency and low costs.

Electric security:
- type of insulation: double, according to  EN 61010-1
- measurement category: CAT III 600V acc. to EN 61010-1
- transmitter’s protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP40
- receiver’s protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP40

Other technical data:
- transmitter’s power supply: battery pack SONEL/Ni-MH 9,6V 2Ah
- transmitter’s max working voltage: 500Vrms (707Vampl)
- transmitter’s dimensions: 230 x 67 x 36 mm
- transmitter’s weight: approx. 490 g
- battery charging temperature: 0...+40°C
- detector’s max range („M” mode): 2m
- non-contact neon max range: 20cm (in air), 3cm (in concrete)
- receiver’s power supply: battery 9V 6LR61 alkaline
- receiver’s dimensions: 210 x 82 x 24 mm
- receiver’s weight: approx. 200 g

Rated operational conditions:
- operating temperature    -20...+50°C

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