SONEL KT 160 热成像仪(3160 x 120像素,-20°C至250°C)

Detector type:   Non-cooled microbolometric matrix (160 x 120 pixel, μ25m)

Spectral range: 8-μ14m

Thermal sensitivity: <0.08°C at 30°

Field of view/ focus distance: 20.6° x 15.5° / 11mm (option)

Focus:  Automatic or manual

Recording of visual images: CMOS sensor, 1600 x 1200 pixel, "true colours" mode (24-bit)

External display: LCD TFT 3.6, high-resolution 640 x 480

Video output: PAL/NTSC

InfraFusion technology: Combining visual and IR image

Temperature range: -20°C to 250°C

Accuracy: 2°C or 2% reading

Emissivity: Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.00 (with 0.01 increments)

Image storage   2 memory types: 2B replaceable SD card and 150MB built-in memory

File format: JPG with thermograph data, visual image of the recorded area and voice comment

Voice comment: up to 60 sec

Power supply:   AA rechargeable cells, AA alkaline batteries

Charging: Built-in charger

Battery operating time: More than 3 ours of continuous operation

AC operation:   AC adapter - 110/230 VAC, 50/60Hz

Casing: IP54, IEC 529

Communication: USB 2.0: transfer of image, measurement and voice to PC; video image live transfer, video output

Weight: 0.73g (with batteries)

Dimensions: 111mm x 124mm x 240mm

Standard Accessories

Front Cover: WAPOZOSL2

Sun visor WAPOZOSL2

SD memory card 4GB WAP POZSD1



External Memory card reader with USB cable WAADAUSBMEM

Unuversal AC adapter 110/230V WAZASZ8

Video Cable

Transport Case 

Cloves cloth cleaner

Manufacturer: SONEL - Poland




30mm telephoto lens (WAADATO30)

  • A fully radiometric camera which records temperature at each point of the image
  • Auto Focus (manual focus also available)
  • Recording real image
  • Recording in the extended jpg format (all data is included in the file but the image can be viewed as simple graphics)
  • Infra Fusion technology viewing a combined real and infrared image for effective locating of the measurement place
  • Video PAL/NTSC output to connect an external display or a recording unit and perform monitoring in real time
  • Simple and clear menu and programming in English and Spanish; easily navigable even for beginners
  • Power supply: standard AA rechargeable cells or batteries, built-in charger
  • Image refreshing rate: 30 times per second
  • Vibration and shock resistant stable, sharp images without a tripod
  • Recording of 1-minute voice comment for each image
  • AGT diaphragm and lens cover in one (protection + elimination of influence of lens self-heating)
  • 8 colour palettes available
  • Built-in laser sight
  • 3.6 LCD display
  • Large memory capacity (built-in memory + standard replaceable SD card) or a real-time transfer to a PC (USB) - unlimited recording capacity
  • Water and dust proof casing (IP54); 2m drop resistant
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  • 交易简单化