SILICON MC-8800 点钞机 (≥1000 tờ/phút)

Smart and luxurious Money Counting Machine - the most accurate counterfeit money detecting machine in Vietnam.

Automatically identifying polymeric money

Can identify types-shuffled money   

Long conveyor belt

Automatic start and stop

Automatically identifying denomination and material of money

Can detect every type of VND counterfeit money and VND super counterfeit money

Can count foreign currencies

Automatically erasing numbers or counting cumulatively

Using clever software in updating new data (can be updated to new version)

2 dial displays, both is attached on machine – front and back side

Automatically check the machine’s operation and report the troubles via display screen

Having 6 couples of purple LED and 2 couple color eyes

Counting speed: 1,000 bills/ a minute

Voltage: 220V-50Hz (60Hz)

Power: 60W

Product dimension: 560x310x240mm

Net/gross weight: 8.3kg/9.6kg

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