SEW 3810 CL Clamp Meter (1000A; True RMS)

True RMS: yes
ACA: 400A / 1000A /±(1.5%rdg+3dgt) 
ACV: 400V / 600V /±(1.0%rdg+3dgt)
DCA: 400A / 1000A /±(1.5%rdg+3dgt)
DCV: 400V / 600V /±(0.75%rdg+3dgt)
Ω: 400Ω / 2000Ω /±(1.0%rdg+3dgt) 
Buzzer sounds: <38Ω
Conductor size: 40mm Max.
Low battery Indication: yes      
Dimensions: 255(L) × 80(W) × 35(D)mm
Weight: 420g 
Power source: 9V(6F22) × 1



● Full auto range for V.A and Ω functions.
● Data hold function freezes the reading in dimly lit or hard to reach
● Low battery indication.
● Built-in buzzer for continuity test.
● Safety design throughout with no exposed metal parts. Shielded
    banana plugs and recessed input terminals.
● Ohm function ideal for checking continuity of relays transformers
    and motor coils.
  AC A   400A / 1000A
  ±(1.5%rdg+3dgt) : 40-500Hz
  AC V   400V / 600V
  ±(1.0%rdg+3dgt) : 40-500Hz
  DC A   400A / 1000A
  DC V   400V / 600V
    400 / 2000
  Flashlight   ───
  LCD backlight display   ───
  Buzzer sounds    <38
  Conductor size   40mm Max.
  Low battery
  Dimensions   255(L) × 80(W) × 35(D)mm
  (battery included)
  Approx. 420g 
  Power source   9V(6F22) × 1 
  Safety  standard   EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V
  EN 61010-2-32
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