Sauermann Si-AQ Expert Base Unit 便携式室内空气质量检测以


-  CO2 (0-5000 ppm)  (option)
-  Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure 
-  %RH, Wet Buld, Dewpoint 
-  REAL-TIME Data Logging        
-  PC Software, Bluetooth, USB Cable 
-  Dual-channel TcK (Diff. Temp) 
-  Differential Pressure 
-  Li-Ion Battery & AC Charger 
-  Factory Calibration Certificate & Manual 



Product Description

Portable indoor air quality monitoring device type Si-AQ Expert base. Device that can accommodate up to 7 optional cells among: O2, CO2, CO, NO2, H2S, SO2, NO, CH2O, O3 & NO.  Includes measurements for ambient temperature / relative humidity / wet temperature / dew point temperature / atmospheric and differential pressure. Bluetooth wireless communication for optional printer. Memory of 2000 points. Supplied WITH the software kit + PC cable and WITHOUT carrying case.



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