Puton ATR-108 自动配件胶带机 (90mm/s, 125mm/s)

Application: Automated integration and stand-alone

Seal form: Heat sealing and PSA

Carrier tape

Width: 8~108 mm 

Plastic reel diameter: 200~550mm, 20''

Depth: 35 mm

Cover tape: 200 mm

Heat seal

Heat seal knife: Length: 61mm 

width: 0.5mm

Temperature control: PID micro computer program control 30~300 ̊C

Control system

Controller: Embedded system, LCD display, control button

Package speed: Seal knife type 90mm/s *1

Continuous type 125mm/s *2


Dimension: 800 x 350 x410mm

Work panel height:100mm

Weight: 36 kg

Operating environment

Power requirement: AC 110/220 ,50/60 Hz

Air pressure: 5.0 kg/cm2

Temperature: 15~40 ̊C

Humidity: 35~85%





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