Prodigit 3341F LED直流电子模拟负载(300W,20A,100V)

Manufacturer: Prodigit Electronics - Taiwan
Model: 3341F
Warranty: 12 months

Power input: 300W
Current input
: 20A
Voltage input
: 100V

Display: V, A, W




● LED mode load for LED Power Driver test

● CC, CR, CV, CP, LED and Dynamic mode

● Simulate LED Forward Bias Voltage (Vd) and Resistance (Rd)

● Fast Response for PWM dimming test

● Built-in dimming control signal for PWM dimming test

● Short circuit test by external relay (built-in short relay driver circuit)

● 5 digital V/A/W Meter

● Protections against V, I, W, and T

● Can be configured in 3302F single channel mainframe〕、3305Ftwo channels mainframeor 3300Ffour channels mainframe〕,and the mainframe with 150 sets Store/Recall memory

● Optional InterfaceGPIBRS232USBLAN


- LED DC Electronic Load Simulator for LED Power Driver Test Description

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