PRODIGIT 32612A /直流电子负载 (5400VA, 54Arms, 300Vrms)

Power input: 5400VA
Current input: 54Arms
Voltage input: 300Vrms

Display: V, A, W, VA




- Voltage, Current Watt and VA display

- CC, Linear CC, CR and Crest Factor mode

- GPIB / RS232 Interface and 5 states Memory Store/Recall

- Power Factor (PF) adjustable: 1, 0.85~ -0.85

- Threshold Upper/Lower limit capability

- Protections against V, I, W, and ℃.

- Dual 4 1/2 Meter Display for Voltage, Current, Watt and VA

- Suitable for Sine, Square, Step wave


- The 3260 Series is a 300V High power AC and DC Load in one unit, it provides an ideal testing solution for UPS, AVR, D/A inverter, especially for step or square waveform UUT.

- Each High power Series AC/DC Load has it own control and display panel, and with 5 states Store/Recall memory which provides load set-up more efficiently.

 - Adjustable power factor setting (PF, Range: 1, 0.85 ~ -0.85) extends the simulation of test environment.

- Build-in GO/NG meter check function offers brief test result diagnosis for production, QC test throughput.

- 3260 Series are suitable for AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC testing, UPS output loading test, DC, 40~70Hz Power Transformer, and can be parallel more units for higher power, R&D, QC, Production testing and ATE System application.

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