Polimaster PM1401GNA 个人辐射检测仪

-  Detector:
+ Gamma CsI(Tl)
+ Neutron He-3
- Sensitivity:
+ for 137Сs, no less 100 (s-1)/(μSv/h)  (1.0 (s-1)/(μR/h)) 
+ for 241Am, no less 200 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (2.0 (s-1)/(μR/h))
- Energy range:
+ Gamma  0.033 – 3.0 MeV
+ Neutron from thermal to 14.0 MeV
- Dose Rate:
+ Gamma 0.01 – 99.99 μSv/h (1 – 9999 μR/h)
+ Neutron 1 - 999 s-1
-  Dose : X
- Accuracy: ±30% (in range 0.1 – 70 μSv/h)  (10 – 7000 μR/h) )
-  Response time: 0.25 s
-  Radionuclide identification using bluetooth communication with external pocket PC or smartphone: 
+ Special nuclear materials (SNM):X  
+ Medical radionuclides:X
+ Naturally occurring radioactive  materials (NORM):X
+ Industrial radionuclides:X   - Standards compliance:ITRAP/IAEA requirements, ANSI N42.32, ANSI N42.33 (1), IEC 62401
- Alarm type: visual, audio, vibration
- Data recording :1000
- Environmental protection:IP65
- Drop test on concrete floor: 1.5 m (4.9 ft)
- Power supply: one AA battery
- Battery life time: up to 800 hours
- Operating temperature: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
- Size (without cover): 183 x 57 x 32 mm (7¼ x 2¼ x 1¼)
- Weight  (without cover): 420 g (14.8 oz) (with cover)
- Low battery warning:  LCD
- Overload indication: 
+ Gamma:OL
+ Neutron: 999
- PC Communication:  IRDA

 The gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors allow searching and detecting radioactive and nuclear materials including weapon grade materials. The detectors have a hermetic and shockproof case and are ideal for operation in the unfavorable and/or harsh environment.

Polimaster gamma-neutron personal radiation detector PM1401GNA is designed to detect the slightest amounts of the gamma and neutron radiation emitting materials especially in the extreme environment and the difficult-to-access areas. The optional telescopic extension tube can be used to protect the user from the radiation sources and/or inspect difficult-to-access areas. The instrument is equipped with a CsI(Tl) scintillation detector for detection of the gamma irradiation and a He-3 detector for detection of the neutron irradiation. The detector will alert the user if the radiation levels exceed the preset threshold values.
The PM1401GNA performs the following functions:
Detect gamma and neutron radiation sources, even if they are shielded;
Search for and locate the gamma or neutron radiation sources including nuclear weapons materials;
Alert the user of the presence of a radiation source through audible, visual and vibrating alarms;
Record and store data for up to 1000 events in the instrument non-volatile memory;
Transmit all recorded data to a PC via IR channel for the data processing and analysis.
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