Polimaster PM5000A-04 行人用核辐射监督表

- Width and height, m: 1.5 x 2
- Source velocity, km / h, no more: 5
- Minimum detectable amounts of nuclear and radioactive materials
+ 241Am, MBq (µCi) : 1.2 (33.6)
+ 137Cs, MBq (µCi) : 0.14 (3.8)
+ 60Co, MBq (µCi) : 0.08 (2.2)
+ 238U, g : 870
+ 235U, g : 60
+ 239Pu, g : 1.6
+ 239Pu, (4cm Pb), g : -
+ 252Cf, neutrons/s: -

 The main task of the pedestrian portal monitors is combating illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials through state borders or from/to limited access areas. Polimaster offers pedestrian portal monitors of different configuration and sensitivity to fulfill wide range of customer needs.

ixed Pedestrian Monitors can be installed at the facilities that use or produce radioactive and nuclear materials, at customs and border checkpoints to prevent the illicit penetration of the radioactive sources into the country or the limited-access areas.
All the PM5000A pedestrian monitors consist of the one multipurpose gamma/neutron radiation detector module.
The monitors can be installed on the floor, mounted on the wall or on the ceiling both indoors and outdoors. They are ideally suited to extreme environment and climate conditions. Depending on the site requirements the pedestrian monitors may have one-pillar or two-pillar configurations of various heights. The monitors are designed to monitor gamma or neutron or both gamma and neutron radiation. The pedestrian monitors can be also equipped with video monitoring systems, computer and pager communication/notification system to ensure prompt assess to the specialists, assigned to radiation monitoring tasks.
There are several configurations of the PM5000A monitors that are recommended for use as the pedestrian monitors:
PM5000A-04, PM5000A-04H – one-pillar gamma monitor which consists of one gamma radiation detector module with standard or large volume gamma detector for higher sensitivity (PM5000A-04H model); 
PM5000A-08, PM5000A-08H - one-pillar gamma-neutron monitor which consists of one gamma-neutron radiation detector module with standard or large volume gamma detector for higher sensitivity (PM5000A-08H model); 
PM5000A-12 - one-pillar neutron monitor which consists of one neutron detector module.
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