PHYWE 13609-99 Geiger-Müller Counter (1/10/60/100/300s)

Function and Applications

Demonstration and student use unit in connection with Geiger-Mueller counter tubes for experiments on radioactivity.

Equipment and Technical Data

4-digit LED display

5 standard measurement times 1/10/60/100/300 s

Freely selectable measuring time

BNC-socket for counting tube 500 V (default, 300-700 V selectable)

1/4 inch-bush for event counting with TTL signals

Battery (6*1,5 V AA included) or power supply 12 V DC, 2,5 A 

Dimensions: 230 x 105 x 50 mm

Accessory (necessary, not included)

e.g. Geiger-Mueller counter tube, type B  09005-00 or

Geiger-Mueller counter tube, 45 mm 09007-00

Recommended accessory

Power supply 12 V DC, 2,5 A 11262-99



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