PHYWE 13601-99 Universal Counter (0.1Hz~10MHz)

Function and Applications

The universal counter is used for measuring time, frequency, pulse rates, pulse counting, periodic times, speeds and velocities.


The device has all the qualities that are expected of a modern universal counter and is also equiped with a number of technical specifics of how it specifically arise from the requirements of science teaching practice.

For the scientifically correct representation of each measurement is shown in principle with the associated unit. With the overflow of the display is automatically switched into the next area.

Before the measurement starts it can be manually adjusted to a maximum of 6 decades defined range, e.g. to suppress is not physically meaningful digits on the display.

A special jack for direct connection of a GM counter tube is available for radioactivity experiments. The required voltage can be changed manually to determine the characteristics of a counter tube too.

The stopwatch function can be entered by means of electrical contacts, sensors, or manually in the various types of triggers for the precise starting and stopping for time measurement.

The measured values are represented by six red 20mm high-contrast 7-segment displays. An additional three-digit display is used to display the unit (ms, s, Hz, kHz, MHz, I / s, RPM, Imp, V, m / s).

The various operating states are indicated by LEDs.

Range switching in all modes manually (before measurement) and automatically when an overflow.

USB port is used for firmwareupdate of the device.

Equipment and technical data

Operating temperature range 5...40 ° C

Relative humidity <80%

Digital display:

Measurement reading LED 6-digit, 7-segment, 20 mm

Units LED 3-digit, 5x7 dot matrix

Units ms, s, Hz, kHz, MHz, I / s, RPM, Imp, V, m / s

Signal Input:

Signal bandwidth 0.1 Hz .. 10 MHz

Counter Tube Input voltage 150 V. .. 660 V (factory setting: 500V) with manual adjustment

Photoelectric output for power supply of 5 V sat. max 1 A

Stopwatch 0.000 ... 99,999.9 s, resolution 1 ms

Timer 0.000 ms ... 3999.99 s, resolution1µs

Velocity 0.000 m/s...9999.9 m / s, resolution 0.001 m / s

Period measurement 0.000 ms ... 99.9999 s, resolution 1µs

Frequency measurement 0.00 Hz .. 9.99999 MHz, resolution 10 mHz

Speed measurement 6. .. 99,999 RPM, 1 RPM resolution

Pulse counting 0. .. 999,999 Imp

Pulse rate measurement 0.0 ... 99,999.9 I / s

Mains supply: Mains voltage 110 .. 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA

Housing dimensions (W, H, D) 370 x 168 x 236 (mm)

Mass of 2.9 kilograms



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