PACEWORLDWIDE ST 70 配TD-100烙铁电子配件焊机 (with TD-100 Soldering Iron)

The ST 70 is a single channel system that 
is controlled by POWER MODULES™ 
and comes with the Thermo-Drive 
Soldering Iron (TD-100). The system can 
also be purchased as a Power Source 
only and combined with any of 4 optional 
IntelliHeat™ handpieces.)
    Power Requirements: 197-253 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max
    Control TechnologyIntelliHeat
    Tip to Ground Resistance: 2 ohms or less
    Temperature Accuracy: Meets or exceeds ANSI-J-STD
    Absolute Temperature Stability: ° 1.1°C (° 2 °F) at idle tip temp.
    Temperature RangeTip Heater Compatible Handpieces = 205°
     to 454°C (400° to 850°F) Nominal
Products included:
    ST 70 Power Supply
    TD-100 Thermodrive Iron Kit with Tip & Tool Stand (IntelliHeat)
    TIP Soldering (not included in the machine)

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