MKS RPS-CM12P1-P12C ALD、CVD和PVD室的远程等离子体源 (12kW)


Type: RPS-CM12P1 Remote Plasma Source

Power Output: 12 kW, 3 phase 50/60 Hz, 40 Amps RMS max phase

RF Frequency: 400 kHz

Accuracy: ±1% to power set point

Gas Supply During Ignition: Ar

NF3 Process Gas: 1-12 slm, 1-10 T

NF3 Operation Reactant Output: 1-12 slm

Mixed Species Space: 30-60 slm

THD: >15%

Inlet Gas Connection: KF40

Outlet Gas Connection: KF50 or KF40

Control Interface:

Analog: DB25

Digital: EtherCAT

Dimensions: 18.4 x 9.5 x 10.5 in. (46.73 x 24.13 x 26.67cm)

Weight: 73 lbs. (33.11 kg)

Compliance: SEMI F47

For specific range please check the attachment below!




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