MKS LIQUOZON-VariO3 LIQUOZON® 臭氧水输送系统 (3-90 ppm, 2-140 lpm)


Type: Ozone Water Delivery System

Ozone Concentration: 3-90 ppm

Flow Rate: 2-140 lpm

Feed Gas: O2

Dopant Gas: CO2

Wetted Surfaces: 

Liquid: PFA, PTFE, quartz glass

Gas: 316L stainless steel, PFA, PTFE

Control Interfaces: Binary in/out, RS232/RS485, analog 4 - 20 mA in/out, USB

Dimensions: 1810 x 800 x 610 mm (71.2 x 31.5 x 24.1 inches)Approximate (height x width x depth), Overall height including exhaust duct and adjustable feet: Approx. 2000 mm (79 inches)

Weight: 315-400 kg, depending on configuration

Compliance: CE, SEMI F47, SEMI S2

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Application note

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