MKS 274 Bayard-Alpert型电离真空压力传感器


Sensor Type: Bayard-Alpert Type Ionization Vacuum Gauge

Collector: Tungsten, 0.005 or 0.010 diameter

Accuracy: ±20%

Bake Out Temperature: 450°C

Installation Orientation: Any

Envelope: Nude with 2 3/4 in. OD ConFlat flange

Cathode: Dual tungsten or dual thoria coated iridium on replaceable assembly or Thoria coated iridium on replaceable assembly

Grid: Refractory Metals


4 1/8 in. (105 mm)

3 in. (76 mm) Insertion length

Sensitivity for N2: 

Electron Bombardment Degassable: 25/Torr

Resistance Heated Degassable: 10/Torr

Electron Bombardment Degas: 40 watts max.

Resistance Heated Degas: 100 watts max., 70 watts nominal

Cathode Heating Current: 

Electron Bombardment Degassable: 2.5 to 3.5 A

Resistance Heated Degassable: 4 to 6 A

Cathode Heating Voltage: 3 to 5 V

Cathode Voltage Potential: +30 VDC

Collector Potential: 0 V

Grid Potential: +180 VDC

For specific range please check the attachment below!



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