MEMMERT HPP1060eco 恒温箱 (1060L)


Temperature making setting: 0-70oC

Working temperature: maximum under ambient temperature 20oC to 70oC

Set temperature accuracy: 0.1 oC

Temperature control: 2 sensors PT100, class A, 4 loops.


Humidity setting range: 10-90%rh

Humidity: moisture is supplied by distilled water from an external tank through a self-priming pump.

Humidify with heat

Dehumidification: by cold trap using peltier technology.

Humidity setting accuracy: 0.5%rh

Control technology:

ControlCOCKPIT controller: two screens, multifunction controller with 2 TFT color screens

Installation language: German, English, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian.

Time: has a countdown timer to set time, from 1 minute to 99 days.

Thermal balance function: adjusts the temperature distribution (heat balance) between the upper and lower parts around the cabinet within the correction range from -50% to +50%.

SetpointWAIT function: the time is not counted until the cabinet reaches the set temperature.

Calibration: calibrated at 3 selectable temperature and humidity values


Communication port: via LAN, USB

Data: automatically saved in case of power failure

Program: USB contains AtmoCONTROL software to help program, manage, and transfer data over the internet or USB.


Temperature control: Selectable on display: TWW over and under temperature controller, 3.3 level protection or TWB temperature limiter, level 2 protection.

Automatic safety: The cabinet has built-in ASF over- and under-temperature protectors, automatically monitors the set value according to a preset tolerance, warns in case of over- or under-temperature, automatically stops the process Heating in case of overheating, interrupting the cooling process in case of under heat.

Automatic fault analysis system: the cabinet is integrated with an automatic fault division system for temperature and humidity.

Warning: audible and visual.


Energy-saving Peltier heating/cooling is integrated behind the cabinet.

Standard equipment:

Door: stainless steel outer door, insulated with 2 locking points

2 mesh storage trays

Standard accessories: 1 10 liter water tank with connection cable

Calibration certificate at 25oC/40% humidity and 40oC and 75% humidity

Working chamber made of stainless steel

The cabinet frame is made of stainless steel, the back is made of galvanized steel.

The cabinet is placed on casters with lock

Environmental conditions

Installation: The minimum distance between the wall and the back of the cabinet is 15cm, at least 20cm from the ceiling. The sides should be at least 5cm away from the wall or other equipment.

Altitude: up to 2,000m above sea level

Ambient temperature: +16oC to 40oC

Humidity: up to 70%, no condensation

Overvoltage category: II

Pollution level: 2

Capacity: 1060 liters

Internal dimensions: 1040x1200x850 mm

Outer dimensions: 1224x1720x1005 mm

Packing size: 1370x1970x1300 cm

Power: 1400W

Voltage: 230V

Weight: 260 kg

Packing weight: 424kg

Maximum load on 1 tray: 20kg

Number of tray positions: 14 positions

The configuration provided includes:

Main machine: 01 pcs

Mesh tray: 2 pcs

Manufacturer's calibration certificate: 01 pcs

User manual: 01 set

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