Maynuo M9836 直流电子负载(0-500A / 0-150V / 20KW)

 Power: 20kW
Current: 0-500A
Voltage: 0-150V
Size: 700 * 2000 * 700 mm
Weight: 370kg

Model M9836
Input Rating Power 20KW
Current 0-500A
Voltage 0-150V
CC Mode Range 0-50A 0-500A
Resolution 1mA 10mA
Accuracy 0.1%+0.05%FS 0.15%+0.1%FS
CV Mode Range 0.1-19.999V 0.1-150V
Resolution 1mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.03%+0.02%FS 0.03%+0.02%FS
  CR Mode     (Voltage and current input value >=10% full measurement) Range 0.03-10K Oh 0.03-5K Oh
Resolution 16 bit 16 bit
Accuracy 0.1%+0.1%FS 0.2%+0.15%FS
  CW Mode     (Voltage and current input value >=10% full measurement) Range 0-7500W


Resolution 10mW 100mW
Accuracy 0.1%+0.1%FS 0.2%+0.15%FS
Voltage  Measurement Voltage 0-19.999V 0-150V
Resolution 1mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.015%+0.03%FS 0.015%+0.03%FS
Current  Measurement Current 0-50A 0-500A
Resolution 1mA 10mA
Accuracy 0.1%+0.05%FS 0.15%+0.1%FS
Power    Measurement (Voltage and current input value >=10% full measurement) Power 100W 20KW
Resolution 1mW 10mW
Accuracy 0.1%+0.1%FS 0.2%+0.15%FS
Battery Test

Battery Input:0.1-150V;Max. Measurement: Capacity=999AH; Resolution=0.1mA; Time Range=1S-16H

Dynamic Test

Transition List: 0-25kHZ; 5A/uS;  T1&T2:60uS-999S;  Accuracy:+15% offset+10%FS

Current soft-startup Time

1mS;2mS;5mS;10mS;20mS;50mS;100mS;200mS;500ms;1000ms   Accuracy:+15%  offset+10%FS

Short Circuit Current(CC) =55A =550A


Resistance(CR) =4mOh
Temperature Operating 0~40oC
Nonoperating -10oC~70oC
Dimension W*H*D(mm) 700*2000*700
Weight Kg 370


  • Six high speed operation modes: CC,CR,CV,CW,CC+CV,CR+CW
  • Over current, over voltage, over power, over heat, polarity reversed protection
  • High-luminance VFD screen with two lines& four channels display
  • Intellegent fan system fan will be automatically initiated according to the temperature
  • Soft start time setting, carrying the power supplier according to the voltage value set
  • Battery testing and short-circuit function
  • Available of dynamic testing and rising edge and falling edge setting
  • Supporting external trigger input and output
  • External current waveform monitor terminal
  • Supporting remote voltage compensation and multidata storage
  • Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mount
  • Communication mode: RS232/RS485/USB.


  Production line(cell phone charger, cell phone battery, electric vehicle battery, switching power supplier, linear power supplier), research insititutes, automotive electronics, aeronautics and astronautics,ships, solar cells fule cell, etc


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