MATRIX APS-51050 交流电源 (50KVA, 1 phase)

Capacity: 50KVA

The output Voltage: 0-150V/0-300V automatic switching betweeen high nad low gears

Output current: (L=120V): 416A

                             (H= 240V): 208A

Frequency: 40-250hz 

Size (W*H*D) : 1020x610x930

Weight: 290kg

Working mode: SPWM( Sine Pulse Width Modulation)


- Phase: 1 phase 2W

- Voltage: 0-150V/0-300V automatic switching between high and low gears

- Current: 42-840V

Frequency: 40-250hz

LED Display: Voltage VRMS, Current ARMS, Frequency, Power wattage, Power factor PF

Voltage resolution: 0.01V

Current resolution: 

- Output < 10A, resolution 0.001, output 10A-100A, resolution 0.01A

- Output 100A-1000A, resolution 0.1A, outpur > 1000A, resolution 1A

Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz

Power regulation rate: ≤1%

Load stability: ≤1%

Load Regulation rate: ≤1%

Frequency stability: 0.01%

Waveform Distortion: ≤ 1% ( pure resistance load, other resistance 3%



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