Maker-Ray AIS203-12C* PCBA AOI For DIP 电路板错误在线测试仪

PCB Size:50x50mm~510x460mm

Camera:12MP color

Light source:White



Communication method:SMEMA

Intel i5 CPU

Display card: Nvida Independent GPU Accelerator Card

Storage:8GDDR,256G SSD+2T Mechanical HD

Power Supply:AC 220,300W


(Rail height:750mm)L*H*W: 880*1540*1140mm

(Rail height:900mm)L*H*W: 880*1690*1140mm

Net Weight:400KG


It captures board image in real time by high precision color industrial camera.

Adopt Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm to process images.

Judge defects of components intelligently.

Defect Type:Wrong part, missing part, reverse polarity and other defects of DIP element

Defect Type
Core Advantage
Minimalist Programming
Strong Inspection Capability
Fast Inspection Speed
Detailed Data Report
Centralized Management and Remote Service
Optional Product
  • 质量承诺
  • 正品保修
  • 送货到家
  • 交易简单化