Kongter MT-3551T Power Meter Tester (10~700Vrms)

Voltage signal input: Direct input

    Resistance: >2MΩ, 20pF

    Testing range: 10~700Vrms

    Peak voltage: 1000V

    Power consumption: <0.5VA/phase

Current input circuit

    Indirect input, with different current clamps

    Testing range: 20Arms, 500Arms, 1000Arms

    Power consumption: <2.0VA/phase

Frequency range: 40 Hz ~70Hz

Power factor: 0.00~1.00 ±0.005

Measurement accuracy: 0.5

Screen and memory

    Screen: 640×480, 3.5’ TFT LCD touch-screen

    Internal Memory: 16 MB Flash

    External Memory:4GB

    Com port: USB port

Power supply: Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Workable for 5~6 hours

    Power adaptor: AC100~240V/DC16.8V-1A adaptor

    Main unit: 0.7kg, 277×169×36mm

    Working temperature: -20~40℃

    Relative humidity: 5~90%RH

Insulation: >2MΩ, AC1500V/50Hz, 1 min 



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